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Computer lessons & tech tutorials

Technology is constantly changing and it's easy to fall behind of feel lost. Training and lessons with the Computer People are designed not to keep your head above the water, but become a great tech-swimmer! Our lessons are completely customized to your needs and what will benefit you the most. We pride ourselves on being able to teach in a friendly, informative and simple manner.

Computer, Mac & tech lessons

New to Windows10? New to computers? PC or Mac? Whatever your experience, type of device you need help getting to know, we can help. We provide excellent informative computer lessons from the very basics to advanced stuff. Our lessons are designed around you, so you get the best possible start with your device.


Windows has changed so much in the last few years, get up to speed and find learn about the best features and neat things you can do.

Learn together

Don't learn alone! If you would like to book group training for your business or friends, please contact us.​


Master the Apple ecosystem! Learn how to use your Mac, fully sync with your other Apple devices & more. 


Smart streaming

Cut cable? Learn how to use Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast and see what you've been missing. We'll teach you all about Netflix & other services.



We'll get you started and have you downloading apps in no time! Tablets are incredibly powerful devices and most people only scratch the surface.



Become more productive and efficient using your computer with tricks & best practices you've never seen.


Computer lessons

Not sure how to make a killer Powerpoint presentation? Do you need to learn how to use Excel for work?


We provide in depth lessons in most computer and tablet software such as Windows, Microsoft Office, browsing the internet, various photo / video tools.


Unlock the full potential of your software with us in just a few lessons!

Software lessons

Software lessons

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