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Residential computer services

The Computer People offer total support to our residential customers. From virus and spyware removal to photo restoration to setting up your home network we have the solution for you

Computer diagnostic & repair services

FREE Diagnsotic & troubleshooting

The place to begin if your computer, laptop, tablet is not running properly or you are experiencing issues. We perform extensive hardware and software testing to give you the best advice and recommendation to move forward.

Free diagnostic applies unless no other service is carried out. Excludes data recovery services.

Spring clean (from $59)

Noticing some slowdown but nothing too major? It's highly recommended to perform preventative maintenence on your computer to stop issues before they arise. Our spring clean will give your machine an overhaul and thorough tune up, ensuring all is working normally. 

Virus & Malware removal (from $80)

Lots of popups? Computer running slow? Too many toolbars? Computers, like cars, need maintenence. Without having your computer serviced you will experience poor performance and slow down. Our virus removal service will clean up your computer and have it running like never before! We also tune and optimize your machine as well as making sure everything is up to date.

Deep clean & OS re-installation (from $99)

When stubborn viruses cannot be removed, your machine has been compromised, or you would simply like to have a complete reset and refresh done to make your computer run like new again, this is your option. We will erase your drive and re-install the OS, update all software and migrate your data (if necessary). 

Data backup (from $40)

It's always advised to have a backup of your data in the event that your computer crashes. Data recovery services are very expensive and not guaranteed, so take the easy option and have us back up or migrate your data to a device of your choosing. 


This service is included with our deep clean.

Home network & printer troubleshooting

Wireless printer not working? Network dropping? We can evaluate your setup and fix most issues you are having. We can also advise on great upgrades to get your network running 100%.

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New computer setup

Let us setup your new machine for you. We will: Update the OS completely, install any software required*, migrate your data from an old device, tune and optimize your new machine, remove unwanted programs, make it easy and familiar for you to use, show you how to use everything. Our setup package is completely designed for what you want. Ask for more details!


*Paid software can be installed as long as we are presented a valid license key. 

Replacement parts & upgrades

Want to upgrade your computer or replace a part? We'll take care of you. One of the best ways to get more life and performance out of your computer is to upgrade it. Currently upgrading your hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) is one of the best upgrades money can buy.

Custom builds

For the enthusiasts out there and clients who need a purpose built rig, this one is for you! We will help you every step of the way from picking parts designed for your use to completing the build. Totally custom, the sky is the limit!

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Setup & upgrades

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